Analog Electronics BEU previous year question solution 2021 beu pyq

BEU previous year question solution, Analog Electronics. Bihar engineering university question paper solution, BEU pyq solution Analog electronics circuits. BEu pyq solution of all branch all semester is available . pyq solution is very important in bihar engineering university. Most of the questions ocme from BEU previous year papers

1 (a) Two p-n germanium diodes are connected in series opposing A 5V battery is impressed upon this series arrangement. Find the voltage across each junction at room temperature. Assume that the magnitude of Zener voltage is greater than 5 V.


(b) If the magnitude of Zener voltage is 4-9 V, what will be the current in the circuit? The reverse saturation current is 5μA.

2. Explain in brief the working of n-channel enhancement type MOSFET. Also define the threshold voltage of MOS transistor. What are the key parameters that will affect the threshold voltage of MOS transistors?

3. For the circuit shown, assume bita = 100 =hfe

(a) Find if the silicon transistor is in cutoff, saturation or in the active region.

(b) Find Vo-

(c) Find the minimum value for emitter resistor R, for which the transistor operates in the active region.

4 (a) Explain the working of Wilson current mirror circuit in detail.

(b) Derive an expression for common mode gain of a differential amplifier.

5. Explain the basic building block diagram of an op-amp. Write short note on input bias current, output bias current, slew rate and output offset voltage of an op-amp.

6. (a) Explain the working of op-amp as a difference amplifier. (b) Draw the structure of PID controller with the help of op-amp. Also derive an expression for its gain.

7. (a) Derive an expression for differential mode gain of a differential amplifier.

(b) With the help of neat and clear sketch, explain the working of a MOS transistor as a switch.

8. Write short notes on the following: (a) Precision rectifier (b) Zero-crossing detector

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