BEU pyq solution DBMS Computer science 2021

BEU model paper solution. BEU pyq solution . BEU pyq questions are very important before exam. we are providing DBMS pyq solution of 2021

1 (a) List five responsibilities of the database manager. For cach responsibility, explain the problem that would arise if the responsibility were not discharged.

(b) Considera two-dimensional integer array of size name that is to be used in your favourite programming language. Using the array as an example, illustrate the difference (i) between the three levels of data abstraction and (u) between a schema and instances.

2. Construct an E-R diagram for car a insurance company that has a set of customers, each of whom owns one or more cars. Each car has associated with it zero to any number of recorded accidents

3(a) What are DDL and DML? Explain with the help of examples.

(b) Explain the following operations with the help of examples: (i) set of intersection operation.

4. How does the remapping of bad sectors by disk controllers affect data retrievals rates?

5. Show that the two-phase locking protocol ensures conflict serializability and that transaction can be serialized according to their lock points.

6 (a) Make a list of security concerns for a bank. For each item on your list, state whether this concern relates to physical security, human security, operating- system security or database security. (b) Explain web and distributed database

7. Consider the following ordering schedule- ‘S’ of transactions : TI: RIA): T1: A:-A+5; T1; commit; T2: R(B); T2: B:-B+5; T3: R(C); T3;C:-C+5; T3 : C-C-5; T4: R(A); T4: A:-A+5; 74: R(D); 74: D:-D-5; T4: commit; T2: commit; T3: commit,

Let the initial value of A-B-C-D-0. The system follows log-based recovery process of immediate database modification. The assumption is the concurrency control system uses strict 2PL, and all the transactions share a common disk buffer and single log.

8. Write a short note on any of the following (a) sql injection (b) Database recovery

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