Control system BEU pyq solution 2021

BEU pyq solution. Bihar Engineering university previous yer question. we are providing pyq solution of control system 2021. BEU pyq are very important for exams. BEU PYQ SOLUTION CONTROL SYSTEM 2021

1 Find the Equation of the system shown in given figure



1(B) Write and explain block diagram reduction rule.

2(A) Consider a unity feedback control system with fotward path gain A, feedback path gain H and fOIWc\fd path transfer function.

with ron = 8rc / T , T = 6 · 28 sec and 􀀁 = 0 · 3 . Calculate the op􀀱n-loop and closed-loop sensitivities for changes in A and H.

2(b) Derive peak overshoot

3(a) A unity feedback servo driven instrument has open loop system (i) Find the factor by which the gain
(K) must be multiplied so that the damping ratio increases from 0·3 to 0·9.
(ii) Find the factor by which the time constant (11 must be multiplied so that the damping ratio decreases from 0·9 to 0·3.

3(b) Using generalized error series, calculate for the following excitation

(i) r(t) = 8 (ii) r(t) =4t+5

(iii) r(t) = t2 / 3 + 9 (iv) r(t) =I+ 18t + 2St2 / 2

4(a) consider a unity feedback system with has the oscillation of 3·5 rad/ sec. Determine the values of Kmarginal and p. There are no poles in RHP.
Draw root locus for the system having

5(i) sketch the nyquist plot of the system of the given system

5(b) Sketch the Bode plot for the system
G(s)H(s) = Ke0·2s s(-s + -10)(1 -+ 0 -• 5s-)
Determine the system gain K for the gain cross-over frequency to be 4 rad/ s. What is the phase margin for this value

6(a) The open-loop transfer function with unity feedback is given by G(s) = 20/ s(s + 8). Design a lead compensator such that the closed-loop system satisfies the fallowing specifications. Static velocity error constant = 158-1 Phase margin = 55°
Gain margin 􀂱 12 dB

8(a) Find the transfer function of the given state-space model : ,

(b)Consider the state-space model of an LTI system with matrices. find the state transition matrix.

(c) Consider the LTI system

Find the non-homogeneous solution if xi (O) = 4, x2 (0) = o and u is a unit step Function.




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