Microprocessor BEU previous year question solution 2021

BEU previous year question solution microprocessor 2021. Bihar engineering university question paper solution all branch all semester. BEU pyq solution. Bihar engiineering university pyq solution BEU organizer , BEU note microprocessor

1 (a) Write a program for 8051 to transmit “WELCOME TO INDIA” at the display connected to port 1 at 9600 baud external crystal frequency of 11.0592 MHz. (b) Interface 4-digit seven-segment display with 8051 and write a program to display BCD number 1234 on it.


2 . (a) Write a program that converts odd parity bytes to even parity bytes (bit 7 is the parity bit). (b). Assume you are determined to use mode 0 as a communication mode from one 8051 to another. Outline a system of hardware and software that would allow this.

3 (a) How many 16-bit registers are available in 8051? Explain their functions. (b) Name any four major differences between a microprocessor and a microcontroller. (c) Name 20 items that have a built-in microcontroller.

4 (a) What is embedded system? Explain the architecture of an embedded system with neat block diagram. (b) Explain the architecture microprocessor. of 8-bit.

5. (a) List the special function register associated with (i) Interrupts (ii) I/O ports (iii) Timers/Counters

(b) Explain the concept of memory banks and further comment on the structure of the internal RAM of 8051.

6. (a) Enlist the salient features of the 8051 microcontroller.

(b). What is the difference between over- flow and carry flag? Explain with an example.

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7. (a) Explain the indexed addressing and relative addressing in 8051 micro- controller. (b) Explain the various programming and debugging tools in 8051 micro- controller.

8 (a) What do you mean by general purpose registers? Explain the various flags and status register in 8051. 8 (b) List the various operations performed by the microprocessor.

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