Basic electrical engineering(BEE) Beu pyq solution 2022

we are going to provide BEE (Basic electrical engineering) pyq solution. Bihar engineering university(beu) previous year question. Beu previous year question solution of all branch electrical engineering, civil engineering. Beu notes, beu organizer. BEE 2022 previous year question solution

BEE 2022 BEU PYQ Solution

1 (a) State and explain Kirchhoff’s laws with an example.

(b) Which winding (LV or HV) should be kept open while conducting OC test? Justify your answer.

(c) Assume that the given transformer has the following name plate ratings:

40 kVA, 440 V/11 kV, 50 Hz What do these numbers imply?

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d) What is a commutator in d.c. machine?

What is meant by linear network?

Explain R, L and Cas linear elements. Differentiate among real, reactive and

apparent powers.

(g)calculate maximum value and r.m.s. value of v = 10 sin ot-17-3 coswt.

h) A 250 V bulb passes a current of 0-3 A. Calculate the power in the lamp.

Define unilateral and bilateral elements. Give some applications of three-phase induction motor.

2(a) An a.c. current varying sinusoidal with frequency 50 Hz has r.m.s. value 20 A. Write equation for instantaneous value and find this value 0-0125 seconds after

b)passing through maximum value. Calculate the resistance between A and B from the figure given below:

3(a) Explain the r.m.s. value. Solve the V ms value of given waveform in the figure:

(b) Two coils, connected in series -adding fashion. , have a total inductance of250 mH. When connected in a series-opposing configuration, the coils have total inductance of 150 mH. If the inductance of one coil (L_{1}) is three times the other, then find L_{1}, L_{2} and M. What Is the coupling coefficient?

4 . (a) Explain the principle of transformer action.

(B) A series circuit consists of a resistance of * 4Omega an inductance of 500 mH and a variable capacitance connected across a100 V, 50 Hz supply. Calculate the capacitance requires for producing a series resonance condition, and the voltages generated across both the inductor and the capacitor at the point of resonance.

5(a) Define parallel resonance. Calculate at resonance the resultant current and quality factor in terms of the parameters of a circuit.

(b) Explain the advantages of rotating field- type alternator.

  1. A 3-phase, 6-pole, star-connected alternator revolves at 1000 r.p.m. The stator has 90 slots and 8 conductors per slot. The flux per pole is 0-05 Wb. Calculate the voltage generated, if K = 0.96. w

SOLUTION OF THE PDF IS provided below

  1. Explain the principle of operation of d.c. motor.

(b) A balanced star-connected load of (8+j6) per phase is connected to a balanced 3-phase, 400 V supply. Find the line current, power factor, power and total volt-amperes.

  1. A 6-pole alternator runs at 1000 r.p.m., and supplies power to a 4-pole, 3-phase induction motor. The frequency of rotor of induction motor is 2 Hz. Determine the slip and speed of the motor.
  1. Two coils, X of 12000 turns and Y of 15000 turns, lie in parallel planes so that 45% of the flux produced by coil X links coil Y. A current of 5 A in X produces 0-05 Wb while the same current in Y produces 0-075 Wb. Calculate (a) the mutual inductance, (b) the coupling coefficient and (c) the percentage of flux. fluproduced by coil Y and linking with coil X.



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