Engineering graphics and design (egd) BEU question paper solution 2022

BEU previous year question. BEU pyq solution all branch all semester. go through pyq beu pyq solution before exam. engineering graphics and design pyq solution 2022 is being provided.

1. On a road map, a scale of miles is shown. On measuring from this scale, a distance of 25 miles is shown by a line 10 cm long. Construct this scale to read miles and to measure up to 40 miles. Construct a comparative scale, attached to this scale, to read kilometres up to 60 kilometres. [1 mile = 1.609 km.]

Q2. A thin circular disc of 50 mm diameter is allowed to roll without slipping from upper edge of sloping plank which is inclined at 15° with the horizontal plane. Draw the curve traced by the point on the circumference of the disc.

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Q3. The line AB is 75 mm long and it is 30° and 40° inclined to HP and VP respectively. End A is 12 mm above HP and 10 mm in front of VP. Draw its projections. The line is in first quadrant.

Q4. Determine the true shape of the figure, the top view of which is a regular pentagon of 35 mm sides, having one side inclined at 30° to reference line and whose front view is a straight line making an angle of 45° to reference line.

Q5. A square pyramid, base 40 mm side and axis 65 mm long, has its base in the VP. One edge of the base is inclined at 30° to the HP and a corner contained by that edge is on the HP. Draw its projections.

Q6. Draw a line diagram as shown, using relative polar coordinate method :

Q7. An air-conditioning duct of square a cross-section 70 mm x 70 mm connects a circular pipe of 40 mm diameter throu the transition piece. Draw the and develop the lateral surfa transition piece.

Q8. Draw the isometric view of a cone, base 40 mm diameter and axis 55 mm long (i) when its axis is vertical and (ii) when its axis is horizontal


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