EGD(Engineering Graphics Design) 2021, 2019, 2018 BEU pyq solution

Bihar engineering university solution of engineering graphics design of 2021,2019,2018. BEU pyq questions are very important before exam. BEU previous year question paper.

1. Choose the correct answer of the following (any seven) : 2×7=14

(a) French curves are used for drawing

straight lines

(i) perpendicular lines

(iii) spline curves

(iv) None of the above

solution is provided at the bottom

(b) Long-dashed dotted narrow lines are used to show

(i) centrelines

(i) main drawings

(iii) hidden edges

(iv) None of the above

(c) Which one is the reducing scale?

(i) 1:1

(ii) 1:2

(iti) 2:1

(iv) None of the above

(d) When a line is inclined to both the

planes, HP and VP, the true length of the

line is seen in

(i) front view

(ii) top view

fit) left-side view

fiv) None of the above

e) The eccentricity of an ellipse is

(i) equal to 1

(ii) less than 1

(iii) greater than 1

(iv) None of the above

(f) Section plane can be perpendicular to HP

(i) perpendicular to VP

(iii) inclined to both HP and VP

(iv) All of the above

(g) Isometric projection

(i) is larger than the object

(ii) is equal to the object

(iii) is smaller than the object

(iv) can be either larger or smaller

The major functions to be performed by a computer-aided drafting system are

fi) basic set-up of a drawing

drawing the objects.

f) changing the object properties (iv) All of the above

(i) Which function toggles between ORTHO modes?

(i) F8

(ii) F2

(in) F9

(iv) F3

(j) TTT command is used for drawing

(1) line

(u) circle

(a) arc

solution is provided at the bottom

5. A line AB is in the first quadrant. Its ends A and B are 20 mm and 60 mm in front of the VP respectively. The distance between the end projectors is 75 mm. The line is inclined at 30° to the HP and its horizontal trace is 10 mm above XY. Draw the projections of AB and determine its true length.

6. Draw the projections of a of a pentagonal pyramid, base 30 mm edge and axis 50 mm long, having its base on the HP and an edge of the base parallel to the VP.

7. Draw the projections of a cone, base 50 mm diameter and axis 75 mm long, lying on a generator on the ground with the top view of the axis making an angle of 45° with the VP.

8. A square prism, base 40 mm side, axis. 80 mm long, has its base on the HP and its faces equally inclined to the VP. It is cut by a plane, perpendicular to the VP, inclined at 60° to the HP and passing through a point on the axis, 55 mm above the HP. Draw its front view, sectional top view and another top view on an AIP parallel to the section plane.

9. Projection of the frustum of the cone is shown in figure below. Draw its isometric view


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